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Pioneering innovations – Specialists in R&D Tax Relief & Innovation Grants

Boost your innovation with extra Research and Development funding!

We help you:

  • Prepare fully compliant R&D Tax Credit claims
  • Apply for Innovate UK innovation grants
  • Apply for European EIC Accelerator grants
  • Deliver project monitoring for grant-funded projects
  • Prepare your business plan

Turn your new ideas into profit!

A great idea doesn’t guarantee the world beats a path to your door – it takes much more! Innovate UK grants, SMART grants and R&D tax credits are the lifeblood of early-stage ventures. Whether you need help preparing a winning grant application or managing your grant-funded project – we can help. Contact us now for an informal, confidential, zero-cost chat.

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Innovate UK R&D Grants

Got a hot business idea ready for take-off?Boost it now with an Innovate UK R&D Grant

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R&D Tax Credits

Already doing Research & Development?Reclaim up to 33% of costs

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EIC Accelerator Grants

Ready to scale up?Boost it with an EIC Accelerator Grant

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Latest News

SMART is Innovate UK’s open funding programme that offers R&D grants for game-changing innovations of up to £2 million project cost – but how much grant to apply for? The temptation is to apply for the maximum possible but is that the right strategy for the best outcome? SMART is massively oversubscribed to applications. A […]

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Innovate UK imposes a limit on academic partner financial involvement in collaborative R&D projects. Typically, in a SMART R&D grant project, academic partner costs are limited to a maximum of 30% of project costs. Other limits can apply in thematic R&D grant competitions. In some cases, this 30% project cost limit is not enough for […]

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