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Getting Collaborative partners for R&D projects

Recently, Innovate UK made it compulsory for larger value R&D grant applications to be collaborative. So who do you collaborate with in order to get a higher value R&D grant – and how do you encourage them to participate? Firstly – who to collaborate with. Probably the best collaborators are potential commercial end-user organisations as […]

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How innovative should my technology be to get an Innovate UK R&D grant?

Innovate UK R&D grant competitions are known to be ultra-competitive with very few winners. Only the best proposals secure funding – so how innovative does a technology need to be? It’s true that Innovate UK is interested in clear game-changing and/or disruptive innovations. We know that disruptors are innovators, but not all innovators are disruptors. […]

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What happens to European R&D grants post Brexit?

The Brexit referendum took place on 23rd June 2016 and changed the future overnight. Major changes like this often have both positive and negative impacts. So – what impact does Brexit have on UK SME businesses when it comes to benefiting from generous European Horizon 2020 R&D grants? Clearly, while the UK remains a member […]

How to write a winning R&D grant application

One of the essential skills we bring to writing R&D grant applications is our ability to write clearly and succinctly. You typically get 600 words per question to convey your business pitch – and it doesn’t help that the application forms mercilessly cut off words over the limit. When writing your first Innovate UK R&D […]

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New Innovation Loans for UK SMEs

Innovate UK launched a brand new loan programme for SMEs to scale up and grow this week. Offering a market-leading interest rate of 3.7% over a 10 year repayment period, it offers businesses the crucial breathing space they need to refine a new product ready for commercialisation. Research and development is risky and it’s not […]

New European R&D Grants for SMEs

The European Commission today launched two new generous grant programmes aimed at SME businesses –SME Instrument and Fast Track to Innovation. With a budget of over €2 Billion to spend from 2018 to 2020, this bold new initiative aims to support leading innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists with bright ideas to scale internationally. Both […]

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Are Collaborative R&D Grants worth the hassle?

Recently, Innovate UK has made it a condition for R&D grant applications above £100k to be collaborative. So who do you collaborate with in order to get an R&D grant – and what are the implications for SME’s? Firstly – who to collaborate with. Universities are a natural choice, full of clever researchers in very […]

R&D Grants or R&D Tax Credits – which are better?

That’s a question often asked by innovators and the answer is…. it depends! It depends on whether you’ve already started your R&D project or not. It depends on whether you are really pushing the boundaries of science or technology and creating new IP – or just making modest enhancements to products, processes and services. It […]

What software projects get R&D funding?

Software projects can sometimes be tricky to secure grant funding for. That’s because software research and development encompasses a multitude of possibilities. At one interpretation, there’s software involved in all electronic devices with an embedded microcontroller – often referred to as ‘firmware’. In another sense, it means development of new applications using high-level software programming […]

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Innovate UK imposes a limit on academic partner financial involvement in collaborative R&D projects. Typically, in a SMART R&D grant project, academic partner costs are limited to a maximum of 30% of project costs. Other limits can apply in thematic R&D grant competitions. In some cases, this 30% project cost limit is not enough for […]

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Innovate UK is launching a new £20M open funding round of SMART R&D grants for UK SMEs on Monday 18th February. Offering up to 70% grants towards a project costing up to £2 Million, it offers SMEs an opportunity to submit any disruptive innovation including ideas from arts, design, media or creative industries. The open […]

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